5 Clever Storage Solutions for a Clutter-Free Bath Design

March 6, 2020

Remodeling your bathroom only pays off if it stays looking good. Clutter is the main problem when trying to maintain a beautiful bath design, particularly if you are trying to achieve a sleek, spa-style bathroom design. Sparkling surfaces are pointless if they’re covered with bottles and boxes. Planning your storage at the beginning of the design stage means all clutter is hidden away, giving you the spa look you’ve always wanted.

1. Decide What You Need

Take everything out of your bathroom and be ruthless. Discard or recycle anything unwanted, unused, or expired. Try not to keep medication in the bathroom to avoid moisture damage. Look at what’s left and plan your storage accordingly. Once everything has a home, you’ll just need soap on your sink and basic shower essentials in niche storage in your shower. The surfaces of your new bath design will be easy to clean and maintain without clutter.

large master bath design

2. Customize your storage

Customized storage means everything can be stowed neatly away, eliminating clutter in your bath design. Why not include options like lazy susans, pull-out shelving, and door racks to maximize storage within your vanity cabinet? You can include drawers with built-in sockets, pull-out laundry hampers, and specially sized inserts for small beauty appliances and cleaning products. Since electronics play such a key role in our lives, why not include a drawer for stowing away electronics with a built-in USB charging point.  Keep them close but away from potential spills and moisture while you get ready.

bathroom vanity cabinet storage

All of this should be included at the design stage. Start by considering who uses your bathroom and what you need to store there, then discuss your requirements with your bathroom design expert. Your designer will be able to advise on the best type of storage to manage your needs.

What’s left on display in your bathroom should be stored in jars, bottles, and baskets. Just make sure to dust your minimalist bathroom!

3. Declutter Your Shower.

With frameless glass shower doors and open shower designs, what’s inside the shower can add to the clutter we see in our bathroom. Organize shower products in niche shelving and throw out empty containers. Keep cleaning products in customized storage beside the shower to rinse tiles and glass after you’re done. A frameless shower door or just an open entrance makes this job easier than scrubbing a metal frame. Likewise, clear floors and minimal supplies stored in the shower will make clean-up a breeze.

open shower design

4. Make Use of Your Walls.

Walls can be used to store all manner of things in a clever bath design. Well-placed hooks and bars keep robes and towels neatly stowed where you need them. As well as niche and corner shelving in the shower, install recessed niches and open shelves around the room to store toiletries in decorative containers and display candles to give a spa-like feel. The secret is not to fill open shelving with items that would be better kept inside cabinets.

Bathroom design with floating shelf

5. Keep Your Floor Clear.

Customized storage is ideal for decluttering, especially with a floating vanity and wall-hanging toilet. This raises everything off the floor and makes it easy to clean. Choose low-maintenance materials such as large, non-porous tiles or sleek vinyl for a clean, clear bathroom floor.

open master bath design

Customized storage and simple yet durable materials are the keys to a clutter-free bath remodel.  You’ll find more inspiration for bath designs in our gallery. Contact us today for advice on creating your dream bathroom. Or, stop by to browse our Gainesville, Florida showroom where you will find bathroom design displays and a wide range of candles and other home items perfect for your new bathroom design.