Choosing the Perfect Housewarming Gift

July 5, 2022

Moving into a new home is an exciting but also stressful time in any person’s life. Likewise, revamping your home with a large-scale remodel can be a hectic but ultimately fulfilling experience. If someone in your life is embarking on one of these home adventures, you can provide support by offering to watch their pet while they move or during the busiest part of their home remodel or by providing a much-needed home-cooked meal while they are without a working kitchen. 

Once you are invited to see the new or newly remodeled home, a thoughtful housewarming gift is perfect for celebrating this fresh start. While a housewarming gift is standard for a new home, it is also a welcome addition when visiting someone who has recently revamped their existing home. Either of these typically represents a major life change, so celebrate their new beginning by bringing the perfect housewarming gift. 

How can you choose the ideal gift for this special occasion? First, remember you are looking for something to celebrate a close friend or family member and their new home. Try to find a gift that fits their style, personality, and special interests. Make it something you know they will use and not just a token they will stash in a closet. You should also consider how much space they have available. For example, if this is a college graduate moving into their first apartment, space will be limited vs. a family upgrading to a larger home. Likewise, consider if you are buying for a single person, a couple, or a family, and find a gift that fits the household’s lifestyle. 

If you are the type of individual who likes to shop in person, look no further than our Gainesville, FL gift shop, packed with unique, personalized gifts for every occasion. We’ve gathered the best selection of giftware in one location, so you are sure to find something for any event without having to shop around. 

Here are some ideas to inspire you in finding the ideal housewarming gift, all of which are available to view on our Instagram page and to purchase in our giftware store

For the “Green Thumb”

Some of us have a knack for growing things, and some do not! If your friend or family member loves to garden, whether growing succulents inside or keeping a vegetable garden outdoors, why not find a gift that will grow with the family in their new home. Look for a plant that fits their lifestyle; for example, go for easy care plants for a busy young family or a couple that travels a lot. If they grow food, consider a personalized gift basket with a selection of their favorite seeds and a few gardening tools. 

For a cute and easy gift, consider flower grow kits. With beautiful flowers like amaryllis or soothing scents like lavender, our flower grow kits make growing simple and fun. 

Or go for a truly unique option with Glow & Grow candle + grow kits that let you enjoy a scented candle and plant anything from flowers to herbs once the candle has burned out. These kits have everything you need including seeds, a soilless grow medium, plant food, and easy instructions. How fun! 

For the Fitness Freak 

We all know at least one, or maybe you are one of them! The people in our lives committed to fitness and personal health are always on the go. Whether they love running, swimming, cycling, or hitting the gym (or sometimes all of the above!), they know it is important to stay hydrated throughout the day.  Gift the fitness freak in your life with a new reusable water bottle, and they will thank you as they head to the gym (or maybe even head to the personal gym they added to their new home!). Check out our amazing range of Corkcicle canteens. These reusable water bottles come in colors, patterns, and sizes to suit everyone. 

Say It with Sustainable Products

In a busy household, family members are always coming and going to school, work, sports activities, and more. If your on-the-go family members or friends want to reduce their impact on the environment, gift them sustainable products that fit their lifestyle needs and personal style.  

There is something for everyone with the wide range of reusable Corkcicle products. From water bottles to coolers, ice packs, straws, tumblers, and more, find the ideal gift in the perfect color or style.

For Pet People

When furry family members are part of the household, they tend to take over our hearts and homes. Select an animal-themed housewarming gift for your pet-loving friend or family member, and you know it will be appreciated. There are many options, but some of our favorites include:

For Beach Lovers

Who doesn’t love the beach? We all love the sunshine, the sand between our toes, and the soothing sound of waves rolling in. If you are buying for a major beach lover, particularly if they enjoy decorating in a beach style, why not add to their collection of beach-themed accessories for the new home or home remodel. We have a wide selection of beach-themed items, from cute signs to serving plates, bar accessories, and much more. Make them feel at home with a beachy-themed gift that will bring a smile to their faces.

For Drink Aficionados

Everyone has their preferred beverage, whether it is the perfect cup of coffee, artisanal teas, or premium whiskey. When buying a housewarming gift for a friend or family member who loves a particular drink, there are cups, glasses, and accessories to enhance their home bar set up. 

For the Home Chef

Moving house or a major home remodel with a new kitchen design means they have probably been without a working kitchen for weeks. While we all love take-out, it gets old, especially if they love to cook at home. When buying a thoughtful housewarming gift for the amateur chef, you can’t go wrong with a food or cooking-related item. 

Celebrate their new kitchen design with some fresh recipes by gifting them a cookbook that will expand their taste horizons. Check out our fun range of cookbooks in our Gainesville, FL store. 

Salt Sisters’ specialty herbs and spices will expand their flavor profile with a range of all-natural gourmet seasonings to enhance any dish. 

Up their flavor game with luxury sauces from Truff, all available in our retail store. This line of specialty pantry staples blends black truffles with red chili peppers to create a range of pasta and hot sauces like no other. 

If outdoor grilling is their preferred cooking method, then Hoff & Pepper hot sauces, ketchup, and seasoning salt will up their barbecue game by enhancing everything from burgers to brisket. 

For meat grilled to perfection, The Meat Stick is an amazing meat thermometer. It is the first smart, wireless thermometer that lets you easily monitor meat to ensure it is done perfectly every time.

For the Entertainers

For anyone who loves to host a dinner party, Friday night cocktails, or a barbecue by the pool, their new (or newly remodeled) home will be party central once they have moved in. Up their party game by gifting them with fun home accessories perfect for entertaining. 

This custom charcuterie board and gorgeous cheese knives make creating a delicious display easy. 

If tacos are their top choice, we have everything they need to host an amazing Taco Tuesday celebration (or taco any day, because why limit yourself to Tuesday). From salsas to queso, serving dishes, towels, and more, make their taco night celebrations even more fun with custom accessories and condiments. 

Celebrate their new home bar with quirky cocktail napkins that make a home happy hour even more fun. 

Pair any of these products with our recommendations from the drink lovers’ section, and they will be ready to party in their new home!

For Gators Fans

We believe in shopping local and supporting local, so we are all Gators fans here! If your local family member or friend loves the Gators as much as we do, why not find them the perfect Gator-themed housewarming gift. Think about their home style and available space before buying a gift and browse our extensive range of fun Gator-themed merchandise to find the perfect gift. 

If they have an entertainment room where they host game day parties, go for a Gator pride sign or Gator glassware to enhance their bar accessories. If they like to tailgate, check out our fantastic range of tailgating products or Corkcicle Gators-themed water bottles or tumblers so they can take their favorite beverage along to the game.

Finally, to Rest and Relax!

Moving home and remodeling are exhausting, even for the most organized person. When they finally move in, your friend or family member will appreciate something that turns their new home into a restful retreat while also enhancing their home’s style. Scented candles, soaps, or lotions are all options that will promote relaxation right when they need it. 

Ella B candles are pure soy and hand-poured in North Carolina. These candles feature beautiful scents with feel-good names like “You Are My Sunshine” and “Live Life in Full Bloom,” sure to boost the mood after a stressful house move. 

The South Candle Company collection has eco-friendly paper covers with scents that evoke peace and relaxation, like Sunday Brunch and Sunset, or the pet lovers’ candle for when you’re lounging with your favorite family member. 

Alternatively, gift them specialty soaps that are perfect for their new powder room or main bathroom design, like the locally sourced Finchberry or Pretty Bird Soapery soaps. Or give them a full home day spa treatment with soothing products from Archipelago Botanicals, including body wash, lotions, and more. 

The perfect housewarming gift is easy to find when you think about what your friend or family member loves, the style of their new home, and their lifestyle. Stick to items that fit their personality, and ideally, find something you know they will use. Did the ideas in our article inspire you? All these products and more are available to view on our Instagram page and to browse and buy in our store. Our Gainesville, FL store is the perfect place to shop for a gift for any occasion, and our experienced, creative team has a knack for finding the ideal item for every taste and budget range.