Get Inspired for Your 2024 Remodel with the Latest Design Trends

January 27, 2024

Are you getting ready to embark on a home remodel this year? Kitchens and bathrooms are spaces that impact not only how you function in the home, but also your enjoyment of home life. Remodeling these spaces offers an opportunity to reimagine their style and functionality, letting you create your ideal home environment for family life, work, and relaxation.

When planning your remodel, start by looking at your existing rooms and decide what you like about them, and equally what you can’t wait to change. A visit to our Gainesville design showroom allows you to browse a wide range of styles, materials, and accessories, and to meet a member of our experienced design team to discuss your remodeling plans.

It also helps to explore the latest design trends, so here are a few top trends to inspire your bathroom and kitchen remodeling plans this year!

Bathroom Design in 2024

If you are considering a bathroom remodel for your Gainesville home in 2024, this is an opportunity to create an oasis in your home. With warm color schemes, elevated lighting, and integrated technology, your new bathroom will become your favorite place to retreat.

Wood vanities and warm neutral color schemes

When it comes to choosing a color scheme for your Gainesville bathroom remodel, warm and welcoming is where it’s at! A 2023 survey of homeowners on Houzz revealed that wood vanities had overtaken white and gray as the preferred color scheme for their vanity upgrade. White remains a popular choice and will continue to be seen in countertops and other fixtures, but wood vanities bring a natural warmth to any bathroom design. It goes with any bathroom style, pairs well with a range of accessories and other materials, and gives your room an immediate connection to nature. This trend toward warm color schemes can also be achieved with a range of materials in colors that move away from stark white or cool gray, such as cream, beige, or brown tones.

View of a bathroom

Designing for Aging in Place

Bathrooms are essential spaces in the home and must be designed to fit your needs for the lifespan of your remodel. With more homeowners planning to remain in their homes through retirement and beyond, it makes sense to create bathrooms designed for aging in place. Versatile and stylish universal design features let you create spaces that are accessible to everyone and will work as well for you today as they will in 10 years. Incorporate features such as curbless or even open showers, wider doorways, grab bars, and textured flooring that prevents slips to future-proof your bath design. Thankfully these features all come in on-trend, stylish materials and colors to perfectly blend aesthetics with functionality.

Taking Lighting to the Next Level

Bathroom lighting is essential so you can see clearly to perform key tasks like shaving and applying makeup. This year, bathroom lighting continues to evolve, becoming much more than just a functional feature of your Gainesville bath remodel. Decorative lighting features in bathrooms ranging from sleek, spa-style master bath designs to powder rooms with a bold design aesthetic. Eye-catching sconces, spotlights, and even contemporary chandeliers can all play a role in providing light to your room while elevating your design style. Lighting also impacts your mood with the light level, warmth, and color. Include customizable lighting with smart light controls to allow you to change the tone of your room to fit your emotional needs.

View of a bathroom

Organic Materials, Colors, and Textures

The trend toward using natural materials and earthy colors is making a splash in bathroom design trends. Infusing your bathroom with elements of nature gives your space a grounded feel and creates a calming environment in this room where you start and end your day. In today’s fast-paced world, this can make all the difference to your health and well-being, offering you a sanctuary in the evening or a place to get inspired for the day to come. Choose colors that remind you of your favorite natural environment, from earthy browns to forest greens or ocean blues. Pair these colors with natural materials like wood shelves and stone tiles, which also bring texture into your space and give your bath design depth.

High-Tech Options for Next-Level Bath Design

Technology is part of our daily lives, whether you like it or not! Why not harness the latest technological advancements to transform your bathroom design into a space that enhances your lifestyle? Install a smart lighting design that lets you use an app or, better yet, voice-activated controls to change your light levels, colors, and more. This means you can alter light levels without having to step out of the bathtub and won’t have to fumble for light switches when entering the room. You can also install a smart mirror that not only incorporates lighting, but also anti-fog technology, Bluetooth, built-in television, music, and much more.

Kitchen Design in 2024

Kitchen designs this year offer the perfect balance of style and functionality, creating spaces that enhance your home’s style while improving its functionality. From color schemes influenced by nature to multi-functional sinks and islands, a kitchen remodel in 2024 will transform the way you live and work in your home.

Color Schemes Influenced by Nature

Just like with bathrooms, kitchen design color schemes are taking their inspiration from nature. While white kitchens will always be a classic, softening this look with warm neutrals, adding stained or natural wood, or going for greens or blues are a top choice. Stained wood brings natural warmth to your kitchen and, depending on how dark a stain you choose, allows the natural beauty of your wood to shine through. If you prefer a painted kitchen cabinet style, go for warm beige, sage green, or sky blue to connect your space to nature. These tones can also be reflected in the veining of your countertop, backsplash materials, flooring, and more. Darker shades such as emerald green or midnight blue are also popular if you prefer a deeper, sophisticated look. Two-tone cabinet designs maintain a top spot for kitchen cabinets, so you could always choose a darker color for your base cabinets or island, with a light color for your upper cabinets, giving your space a sense of depth while creating an appealing design with a pop of color.

Decorative Range Hoods

No kitchen design is complete without a range hood, which serves the essential function of keeping your kitchen free of smoke, steam, and odors. Make sure you work with your Gainesville kitchen design team to find one that fits your functionality requirements. Range hoods come in varied sizes to match your cooking area and in different ventilation capacities (measured in cubic feet per minute) depending on how much you cook.  In addition to playing a key role in protecting your kitchen from smoke and odors, this year’s range hoods are also upping their style game and becoming a design focal point. You could choose a stainless hood but in a unique shape, go for a custom hood in wood or mixed materials, or choose a hood in a contrasting color to the rest of your design features. Whatever style you choose, let it stand out and draw attention to the cooking area in your kitchen, making it the focal point of your room.

Hardworking Sinks

The sink is the workhorse of your kitchen, where you do everything from washing hands to prepping vegetables, getting a glass of water, washing pots and pans, and much more. During a party, you might also use your sink to stash dirty dishes until you can do a full cleanup. In your busy Gainesville kitchen design, you need a sink that is up to the job and can serve as a tool to make life easier. The ideal choice for a hard-working kitchen design is a multifunctional sink like The Galley Workstation. This innovative culinary system lets you do everything in one place, using the large sink combined with accessories that easily slide in and out as you need them. The Galley comes in a range of sizes to fit any kitchen and offers accessories in different materials to match your design aesthetic. Talk to our team to find out more about The Galley.

Balancing Function and Style

Today’s busy kitchens are places where you store and cook food, as well as dine, entertain, and relax. If your Gainesville kitchen design is part of an open plan first floor, then the kitchen must also blend neatly with surrounding living spaces as an integrated part of your home’s style. To meet the demands of a modern kitchen, the top materials and style choices in 2024 seek to create a balance between style and functionality, including:

View of a kitchen

High-Performing Islands

Islands continue to be a focal point for activity in a busy kitchen design. They also sit in a prominent location that influences your room’s style, defines kitchen work zones, and enhances your room’s functionality. In 2024, kitchen design embraces the role of the island, making it work harder to enhance how you operate in your kitchen. Islands are sociable spaces where you relax with family over a cup of coffee or chat with friends while enjoying a glass of wine. The latest styles enhance the time you spend at your island with a more conversational seating arrangement. Rather than barstools on one side, consider installing seating that wraps around two or even three sides of the island. Create work zones on your island based on how you plan to use it. This could include a food prep zone, a baking area, or even a beverage bar at one end. Be sure to include customized storage solutions with drawers and pullouts to keep essential supplies organized. Some islands also incorporate appliances such as an induction cooktop, microwave drawer, or undercounter beverage refrigerator.

Start Planning Your 2024 Gainesville Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel!

Are you inspired to kickstart your 2024 remodeling plans? Consider your top remodeling goals and examine which changes will enhance your home and your lifestyle. Then talk to a member of our design team and let us help you bring your design vision to life!