Kitchen Design Layout Ideas

March 4, 2024

Understanding Kitchen Layouts

Selecting a layout is the starting point for any kitchen design. Why is this? The layout forms the foundation of your Gainesville kitchen design, which determines the location of your storage, workspace, and appliances. Get your layout right and everything else will fall into place, from your functional needs to your room’s style.

The layout you choose for your kitchen establishes your floorplan, and along with this your kitchen work triangle. Your layout must work with your kitchen’s existing square footage and shape unless you plan to extend or otherwise structurally alter your kitchen as part of the remodel. The layout you choose must be convenient and workable for your needs and your space.

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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Layout for Your Gainesville Kitchen

There are many things to consider when choosing a layout for your kitchen remodel. These range from practical considerations to personal preferences, styles, budgets, and more.

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Top Layout Styles

Once you have decided what you need from your kitchen layout, it is time to pick a style that works for you. There are several common layouts, so one of these will most likely fit your kitchen remodeling needs.


This is one of the most common kitchen layouts as it works in most kitchens regardless of size or style. An L-shaped layout positions cabinets and appliances along two adjacent walls, with each side varying in length depending on the size of your kitchen. It offers flexibility in terms of where you position appliances and work areas and typically offers ample space for storage, food preparation, and other uses.

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An L-shaped layout works well with an open-plan design and, if your kitchen is sizable enough, leaves room for an island or dining table (or sometimes both!). L-shaped kitchens pair with a variety of design aesthetics and lifestyles, so this is a reliable choice for almost any kitchen remodel.

Galley Layout

The Galley kitchen layout positions all cabinets and appliances along two parallel walls with a corridor down the middle. This kitchen layout can work well in small spaces but position the appliances along two walls rather than one to create a more efficient work area.

Be sure to incorporate plenty of storage, including pantry storage, in your galley kitchen to avoid cluttering up your workspaces. Choose customized pantry cabinet storage or opt for a separate pantry closet, walk-in pantry, or butler’s pantry adjacent to the main kitchen.

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If your galley-style kitchen is on the smaller side, you may want to stick to one person cooking at a time as it can otherwise be too cramped. On the other hand, a galley style can be ideal for creating a professional-style cooking setup with a tight, efficient work triangle!

Single Wall

This kitchen layout is ideal for a smaller home and utilizes one wall to hold the main storage, countertops, and appliances. This means your primary work zones are in a straight line rather than the traditional work triangle. You can enhance your available storage by taking upper cabinets to the ceiling. Customized storage solutions are essential to avoid taking up precious countertop space in this kitchen layout.


This layout style has the benefit of providing extra countertop space, especially when paired with ample storage to keep your work surfaces clutter-free. Just like the name suggests, a U-shaped layout extends around three connected walls with plenty of room for cabinets, countertops, and appliances.

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This layout works in an enclosed kitchen but equally for a kitchen that opens onto an adjacent living or dining room. If your U-shaped kitchen design is large enough, you could include an island in the middle. Consider your work triangle and the placement of your key work zones in a U-shaped kitchen as this can vary depending on your kitchen’s size.

Island Layout

Most of the kitchen layouts already discussed can be paired with an island if you have enough space, but it works especially well with an L-shaped layout. Consider how you intend to use your island and your preferred island style.

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Incorporate extra storage in your island, which could include a combination of open and closed storage solutions. Islands are ideal for storing specialized items such as baking supplies, especially when paired with a mixer lift for your stand mixer. Add storage for baking ingredients and create a specialized baking zone in your kitchen design!

An island is also ideal for casual dining if you include space for barstools. Conversational-style islands are a top choice this year where seating wraps around two or three ends to create a sociable setting. If you have room for a spacious island, you could consider an L-shaped or T-shaped island where one end is used as a dining table and the other end for food preparation.

Peninsula Layout

The peninsula layout is an ideal space-saving solution that offers extra storage and workspace without taking up as much room as an island layout. It also works perfectly with an open-plan kitchen design.

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A kitchen that includes a peninsula gives you more storage than an L-shaped layout but doesn’t enclose your kitchen as much as a U-shaped layout does. A peninsula can also be added to some U-shaped kitchens, creating a G-shaped layout. By wrapping your layout around into a peninsula, you add valuable workspace and can even include room for a couple of stools to create a breakfast bar.

Open Plan Designs

Many of these layouts work well with an open-plan kitchen design. The single wall, L-shaped, and peninsula layouts work particularly well, though even a galley or U-shaped can form part of an open-plan layout. In a spacious open-plan kitchen design, an island helps to manage the flow of traffic between the kitchen, dining, and living spaces, while also creating more storage and workspace.

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Consider how you plan to use your open plan space and who will use it. Do you want your sink or cooking area to face out so you can chat with guests or watch the kids while you get dinner ready? If your kitchen opens into a living room, do you plan to use it as a family room with a television or a cozy sitting room with a reading nook? Discuss your plans with your kitchen remodeling expert and let them help you create the ideal plan for your new kitchen design.

What Else Do You Need to Consider?

When planning your Gainesville kitchen remodel, there are many factors to consider that impact your kitchen’s functionality and style. Once you have chosen the perfect layout for your kitchen, you can start selecting colors, materials, and accessories to make your design vision come to life.

Two-tone cabinet designs are a popular choice, where base and wall cabinets are chosen in different colors, or perimeter and island cabinetry. Decide if you want your kitchen’s style to stand alone or connect with the rest of your first floor. Flooring material, color schemes, and textures are ideal ways to delineate work and entertainment zones or to connect spaces. For example, you could choose a single flooring material for your open plan first floor so one room flows into the next.

Choosing the Perfect Layout for Your Gainesville Kitchen Design!

Selecting the ideal layout for your kitchen design creates a foundation for an efficient and stylish space that elevates your home and your lifestyle. Your layout not only determines the location of your room’s storage and workspace, but it also establishes the flow of traffic through the room. This influences the mood of your space by determining if your kitchen is an enclosed room focused on the business of cooking or an open space that is the center of family life and entertainment.

Once you find the perfect layout for your kitchen, the rest of your design will fall into place, and you can focus on the fun of choosing colors, materials, and textures to create the design of your dreams. Not sure which layout is right for your kitchen? Stop by our Gainesville showroom to browse design ideas and speak to an experienced member of our team. We can help you assess your space, lifestyle, budget, and more to create your ideal kitchen layout!