Kitchens Designed for Entertaining

December 17, 2020

It’s the season for entertaining, and even if you are not hosting host large numbers this year now is the perfect time to plan your kitchen design for next year. The kitchen is the center of any party so why not design one with entertaining in mind? This not only makes hosting an event easier but enables your family life to run more smoothly from day to day. Here are our top tips for a kitchen remodel designed for entertaining.

1. Open Plan

The first thing to consider is your layout. If your kitchen is closed off from an adjacent living area, it’s time to knock that wall and open things up. An L or U-shaped kitchen with an island in the center lets you prep food but also see what’s happening in the rest of your space, all while you keep an eye on kids or party guests. During a gathering, you’ll have a view of the big screen and be able to watch out for your guests as you work on preparing appetizers at your island.

large open plan kitchen design

2. Seating

Where you plan your seating is vital to the success of a party. Island seating should be easy to move around and sit in for long periods of time. Dining chairs should also be light and comfortable and not overwhelm your kitchen design. Soft furnishings bring color and comfort to the design but make sure couches and armchairs aren’t too big for the room. Finally, don’t obstruct the flow of traffic when arranging seating for a party.

kitchen design with dining area

3. Island

An island is functional but also impacts your kitchen design’s style. It can blend or contrast with your perimeter cabinets. As well as being a workspace, the island can store everything from pots to baking supplies to pet bedding. If inserting a sink or cooktop, make sure that you’ll be facing the rest of the room so you can talk to guests or keep an eye on children as you work. Plan what you want for your island at the design stage for a stunning result that will serve your entertaining needs.

kitchen design with two islands

4. Storage

Storage is important throughout your kitchen design. By removing all clutter on countertops and floors, you make room to party. Include customized storage throughout your kitchen cabinets and add a pantry to ensure you have plenty of storage for all your supplies during an event. A beverage bar is essential when entertaining, allowing all drinks and accessories to be kept in one stylish space for guests to access. Beverage bars also take your kitchen design up a notch, adding value to your home.

large custom built beverage bar

5. Entertainment System

Whether having a party or cooking dinner for the family, music is a welcome addition. Built-in speakers throughout your kitchen design let you select a playlist at the touch of a button. A large screen is ideal to watch a big game or host a season finale party, even in your outdoor kitchen design like the space pictured below. You can play anything from graphics to home movies at gatherings too. To prevent devices from being damaged or becoming trip hazards keep them in a bespoke drawer. Design one with charging points and docking stations for devices you use during a party or throughout the day, to streamline cables and reduce clutter.

outdoor kitchen design

6. Lighting

Lighting can instantly transform your kitchen design into a party zone. A layered lighting scheme lets you create different tones in various parts of your kitchen layout. Food prep should be done under strong lighting, but guests should be able to gather under less harsh, mood lighting. A pendant over an island or dinner table can be adjusted with a dimmer switch. Dramatic lampshades or bold metallic features are in this year so why night go big for a focal point? Spotlights and uplit islands all add depth and interest and can be used to add color for a party atmosphere.

kitchen island with pendant lights

7. Technology

Technology has become integral to our homes, not least in kitchen design. Using smart devices to control everything from ovens to heating means you have less to remember when entertaining. Built-in coffee machines, smart refrigerators, and sensor-operated steam cleaners all make party prep and clean-up easier than ever and improve your quality of life. Talk to us today to find out about the latest technology that would suit your lifestyle and budget.

Any kitchen design can become the perfect space for entertaining. An open-plan layout enhanced by technology with the right seating, lighting, and custom storage will result in a stunning kitchen. Check out our kitchen remodeling gallery and contact us today to start planning a kitchen that is ideal for work, relaxation, and entertaining.