Maximize Natural Light in Your Bathroom Design

April 4, 2020

Every room in your house has different requirements and priorities when it comes to remodeling, but every room requires adequate and well-positioned lighting. In bathroom design, lighting is especially important and goes beyond installing lights around your vanity. A bathroom lighting design must include a balance of task lighting, and ambient lighting, and ideally, should incorporate natural light too. Why? Natural light helps to see things as they really are and also boosts your mood. In addition to reducing energy costs, windows can maximize a scenic view. The results of having more light are always positive, so read on to see how you can increase natural light in your bath design.

bathtub under a window

Pole Position

Where you position your fixtures is crucial to how light enters the room. Customize your storage to maintain a clutter-free space and keep tall cabinets away from natural light sources. Certain items benefit from being placed nearer to the window though. Make-up vanities benefit from being flooded with sunlight in the morning, allowing you to see the natural effect of make-up as you are applying it. A freestanding tub is perfect beside a large window, to relax with a view. If you’re able to re-position windows, think about their aspect and what time of day will get the most light.

make up vanity with natural light

Shower Power

Showers are often dark and enclosed. Open them up with minimal, walk-in designs and glass panels. Fewer doors and walls mean less to clean and an airier feel. Try to build your enclosure next to a window to flood it with light. Incorporate glass-fronted storage and glass shelving around the room to carry on the lightness introduced by your shower.

shower design with arched window

Blinded by the Light

If you’re concerned about privacy, or the sunlight can be too bright at times, then a sheer curtain is a simple and elegant solution. A blind is another stylish option and a half-blind can take care of the lower half of a window, which works particularly well next to a bathtub. Shutters might also help, depending on the size of the window and the style of your bath design. Window coverings add texture as well as shade and give your room a whole extra dimension. Just be careful they don’t block out too much light.

Upon Reflection

Mirrors are important to reflect light around your bath design. They can make the space appear larger and are essential for grooming. Try mirrored doors on cabinets and placing mirrors adjacent to windows and perpendicular to each other. It’s all about positioning them in the right place to catch the light and reflect it off several surfaces. Incorporate lustrous finishes as much as possible in your hardware and plumbing to maximize the shine.

bathroom design with two mirrors

Plotting and Scheming

Your color scheme is greatly affected by light sources, depending on the time of day. In turn, the colors you choose can increase light in the room. Choose pale and bright colors for each surface to reflect light around the room. White is a classic choice but light blue, yellow and coral are all trendy options that brighten up a color scheme without absorbing light.  You can always add a deeper pop of color with towels, a rug, and plants.

Make sure you use waterproof paint in a bathroom and keep your windows and other glass surfaces clean and clutter-free to maximize light. Once you’ve remodeled with light in mind, it’s relatively low maintenance to keep your bathroom bright and welcoming. Combined with well-positioned light fixtures for both task and ambient lighting, your bathroom will always be a bright spot in your home.

Whatever the size of your bathroom design, incorporating natural light can be easily achieved. Contact us today to start planning your bath remodel. See more bathroom design ideas in our gallery. We are currently available for telephone and online consultations!