Open Storage for Bath Design

January 13, 2021

Open storage has become increasingly popular in bath design as it has in other home living spaces like kitchen designs. Whether you plan to include floating shelves, a ledge, or a recessed storage niche, open storage solutions suit any style of bathroom design and bring character to your space by displaying personal items. Once open shelves remain uncluttered, they look light, airy, and interesting. Read on to see what type of open storage would suit your bath remodel.

shower design with niche storage

Niche Market

Use any natural recesses in your walls to fill them with full-height shelving. You can plan niche shelving at the bathroom design stage too. Incorporate recessed niches in your shower walls, around the tub, or over the toilet. You can both store and display functional items and objects that complement your remodel. Why not hold bath essentials on a bath tidy that rests across your tub? This functional storage solution also serves as a design accent when you select the right items to store. Wooden brushes and loofahs all add natural color and texture to a design.

shower niche with glass shelves

See Clearly

Open storage lightens up a room, especially when glass is used for shelving. Glass reflects light and suits any design so is especially good for a small, dark space. Keep glass shelving as uncluttered as possible and clean it regularly to maintain its sparkle. If you don’t want to commit to glass shelving, then try glass jars and bottles as storage containers on your shelves. The more glass, the more light you introduce throughout your space.

Fill That Space

Custom shelving fills any awkwardly shaped area. If you have a sloped ceiling or a long narrow space, open storage is the ideal solution there. Items such as towels, toilet paper, bud vases, or books all utilize the space and add to your design. Don’t just put in basic shelves either. Choose a color and material that works with your style to transform an empty area, no matter how small.

furniture style vanity with open shelf

Keep it Up

Spa-style bath designs are as popular as ever as they give a feeling of luxury through minimalism. A feature of these designs is wall-hung vanities, or alternatively a furniture-style vanity that keeps floor space clear and open. Keeping fixtures off the floor makes a remodel feel calm and spacious, so including an open shelf underneath the vanity means you can store essentials without filling floor space. Keep this area clutter-free with as few items as possible for a chic storage solution.

Contain Yourself

There are always small or functional items you don’t want to display out in the open. This is a good opportunity to find containers to complement your design. Jars, bottles, vintage mugs, or tins are just some ways to store little things in open storage. Larger items can go in boxes or baskets made of any material you choose. Try a uniform approach with matching wicker baskets or mix it up with canvas, wire, and wood. The choice is yours and is dictated by the style of your bathroom remodel.


Open storage doesn’t have to always be on your walls. Take inspiration from freestanding furniture in other interiors and bring in a cocktail table, stool, bookcase, or even a cake stand to display your bathroom contents with style.

Open storage is a stylish and functional solution for all bath designs. Some things need to be protected from moisture or kept safely away from children, so you will always need a certain amount of closed storage in a carefully designed bathroom. Cabinets work really well for this and also for storing electrical items as you can include built-in power sockets. Why not mix up your bath design with open and closed storage where required? Talk to our bathroom design experts today to discover the best storage options for your bath remodel.