Open Storage Ideas for Kitchen Design

January 22, 2021

The open storage trend for homes has continued to gain pace as we head into 2021. It is especially popular in kitchen remodels, and pairs well with open plan designs as it continues the open, airy feel of a kitchen that neatly flows into a dining and living space. Why not consider open storage for your kitchen renovation? It is informal yet stylish and offers an alternative to break up a row of kitchen cabinets. Here are some ideas to help you decide if open storage is right for your next kitchen remodel.

kitchen island with open shelves

Swap Upper Cabinets for Open Storage

Replacing upper cabinetry with shelving is a great way of opening everything up and creating visual interest right at eye level. If you’re not sure you want to commit to fully replacing your upper cabinetry with open shelves, then why not break up a row of cabinets by replacing one section of cabinetry with shelving? Make sure you curate the contents of your open shelves, so they are tidy and complement your kitchen design.

kitchen design with open shelves

Mount shelving on a wall over your workspace. You could go with one or two long shelves or several shorter ones. Place them directly over each other or stagger them. Don’t overload them and keep them dust and grime-free.

Go Low With Your Open Shelves

You could buck the trend either and uncover your lower cabinets with a section of open shelving for everything from cookbooks to pots and pans. As long as you keep some order to your contents it creates a look with character.

Find Your Niche

A shelving unit can be included in an otherwise underutilized niche to store cookbooks and display curated items, bringing warmth to your kitchen design.

kitchen design with open shelves

Bring some culinary chic into your kitchen design by installing a utensils rail. Choose a material such as brass or powder-coated metal to suit your style. This serves the dual purpose of neatly storing utensils exactly where you need them while also enhancing your style with stunning, trendy metallic accents.

A pegboard is another classic open storage solution. Equip yourself with hooks for every item you want to hang, resulting in a casual and retro look. If you just want to hang a few essentials, a simple peg rail alongside your workspace does the trick.

Go To the Top

Display items such as vases, decorative platters, or pictures in the wall space over upper cabinets. It maximizes storage as well as brightens up that area. Or if you have floor to ceiling cabinets, install glass front upper cabinets. While not exactly open storage, the glass front cabinetry still gives you the open, airy feel and provides space to store decorative items.

Make It Movable

Keep items in a storage cart or on moveable industrial shelving. They can be placed anywhere in your kitchen remodel and easily moved around.

Add Beverage Storage

Incorporate a wine rack into your main cabinetry or an adjacent beverage bar to access bottles and glasses and add a splash of interest to your storage.

kitchen with wine storage

Add It To Your Island

Include open storage in your island for a relaxed, practical yet super stylish look. This works especially well at the end of a large island, where open shelves can hold cookbooks, kids’ art supplies, or decorative items.

kitchen island with open storage

Open shelving is great for displaying your favorite things as well as storing the essentials. Regularly used items won’t get dusty and are close at hand on a shelf over your countertop. The minimalist nature of open storage solutions means they suit any design and introduce light and depth to your kitchen remodel.

This kind of storage is also easier on a budget than a full room of custom closed storage, allowing you to achieve a unique style, create necessary storage, all while staying within your remodeling budget. Unless you are ready to commit to all open storage, stick to a combination of open shelves ad closed cabinets. Use your open shelves to store select items and your cabinets can take anything you don’t necessarily want to display, such as cleaning products. Check out our kitchen design gallery for more ideas and contact us today to get going on your 2021 kitchen remodel.