Perfect Pantry Solutions

October 30, 2020

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen? The last thing you want is to create a stylish kitchen design that lacks the practical storage required to keep it neat and uncluttered. A pantry is the ideal solution to liberate your kitchen design and add bonus style points to your remodel. Here are 5 solutions for a perfect pantry.

1. Any size kitchen design can incorporate a pantry.

The main thing when planning a space for a pantry is to ensure that its contents are protected from heat, light, and moisture. In a larger kitchen remodel create a walk-in butler’s pantry packed with all the storage and accessories you need. A smaller kitchen design could include customized pantry storage as part of the kitchen cabinet plans. A nearby closet or alcove can perform very well as a pantry with custom shelving and a sleek, sliding, or folding door. A barn door such as this Gainesville kitchen design would be stunning leading to a pantry and serves as a design focal point in the kitchen.

kitchen design with sliding barn door

2. The most efficient way to store everything in your pantry is with custom storage.

Take stock of everything you want to store in your pantry and your kitchen design expert will find the perfect storage solutions. Countertop appliances can go into deep drawers or be stored on shelves until you need them. Cans can also be stored in drawers too, so you can see what you have without reaching up and emptying a shelf. Pull-out shelving, roll-outs, and lazy susans also let you see everything at a glance. Shelf inserts also double the number of items you can stack. Vertical tray dividers mean you can keep baking sheets, cutting boards, and other large, flat essentials neatly stored and easily accessible sideways instead of piled high.

kitchen pantry with appliance storage

3. There’s no point in storing things you never use.

Before you move anything to your new pantry, consider if you really need it. Discard or donate whatever you can and then organize what’s left into kitchen or pantry categories. Once you have put away what you need to have at hand in your kitchen, the rest can go in your pantry. Put the least used items on the highest shelves. Seasonal items such as barbecue or Christmas essentials should be boxed and labeled so they’re easy to access when the time comes. More regularly used things could be consolidated onto a cart that can be wheeled into the kitchen with everything you need for activities such as baking. Planning what exactly you need to store at the beginning of your remodel means you’ll have a stylish and uncluttered pantry and kitchen design.

walk in butlers pantry

4. Not everything comes in attractive packaging.

It’s worth investing in containers that suit your style to take a pantry from organized to perfection. They must be airtight and keep out moisture. Shutters and blinds on windows protect against light in your pantry but ingredients such as spices should be kept in opaque containers. Other items not as susceptible to light can go in glass jars so you can see when you need to restock. Baskets and colorful textile boxes are more interesting than plastic. Give your pantry containers some thought so they are stylish and link in with the look of your kitchen design.

5. Although containers will contribute to your style, pay attention to the overall feel of your pantry to make it part of your home.

As with a powder room, a pantry gives a great opportunity to experiment with color and patterns because it’s so small. Try bright colors and bold wallpaper and introduce texture with tiles or wooden paneling.  Corkboards or blackboard paint (which comes in many colors) can become a place to put reminders. Family photos, favorite prints, or framed children’s art all make the pantry a welcoming place with a unique style.

Your pantry needs to be functional to really make your kitchen remodel work. Customized storage takes care of surplus items and the finishing touches make it a space that’s on-trend. The end result is a perfect pantry to complement your kitchen design. Call us today to talk to an expert about how easy it is to design the perfect pantry for you.