Positioning a Tub in Your Bath Design

November 17, 2020

When planning a bathroom remodel, it’s important to consider who will be using the bathroom and how that influences your design requirements. If you have small children or perhaps just enjoy a relaxing bath, then a stylish and functional tub will be an essential component of your design.

Having a bath after a long day is very beneficial to your health and no matter how large or small your bath design is, there’s a tub for you. The style of the tub and where to position it needs to be made at the design stage of your remodel as it affects your layout and is impacted by space and budget considerations. Once you’ve chosen the type of tub and where to install it, the rest is plain sailing. Here’s our easy guide to positioning a tub in your bath design.

What Types of Tubs Are There?

freestanding bathtub
  • Standard Tubs are the most basic type of bathtub and come in a range of sizes to fit anywhere

  • Soaking Tubs are large tubs that provide a more luxurious bath experience.

  • Whirlpool and Air Tubs feature massage jets for the ultimate in relaxation.

  • Walk-in Tubs offer direct access so are ideal for universal bath designs.

  • Combination Tubs have a selection of luxury features.

How Are They Installed?

drop in bathtub with tile surround

How large your bath design is, along with the location of your plumbing, will influence where you can install your tub. If you have the scope to change your layout or move a wall to expand your bathroom design footprint, then you will have greater flexibility in the type of tub you choose and where you position it. Keep in mind, any changes to plumbing or layout will influence your bath design budget.

  • Alcove Tubs are positioned within three walls, so only one side needs to be finished.

  • Corner Tubs also leave just one side exposed and fit neatly into a corner. They can be a bit snug, so make sure you feel comfortable in one before you commit.

  • Freestanding Tubs are ideal for a large bath design, where they serve as a stylish design focal point. More traditional models rest on claw feet while contemporary styles sit on a block base or have a sleek line with no base.

  • Drop-in Tubs are installed in a custom-built enclosure and include a ledge around the tub that produces a style that is unique to your bath design.

  • Undermount Tubs are enclosed in a surround that can blend with the stone or tiles used in your flooring. They can be positioned anywhere in a room and the wide rim is ideal for storage.

alcove bathtub shower combination

Which Is the Best Faucet?

There are three main types of bath faucets, and each type comes in a range of materials and styles to suit your taste.

  • Wall-mounted faucets are for baths installed along a wall.

  • Deck-mounted, or Roman faucets, slot into the ledges of enclosed tubs.

  • Floor-standing faucets are ideal for freestanding tubs, such as the one below.

freestanding tub with floor mount faucet

Is There Anything Else I Need To Consider?

From the location of your plumbing to extra features, there are several other considerations when selecting your tub style. Among these are a few extras that could add to the cost of your bathroom remodel, including:

large drop in bathtub
  • Moving your plumbing to suit your preferred bathtub location.

  • Extra features such as special lighting, an integrated sound system, or digital controls.

  • A bathtub constructed of heavy materials may require you to reinforce your floor.

Before finalizing your tub choice, measure the area the tub is going into, accounting for any enclosure required. Even if it fits perfectly, make sure it won’t dominate the room and that your chosen combination of tub and shower is proportionate to your space. Or take a unique approach and position your tub inside the shower like this Gainesville bathroom design! Your bath designer can advise you on all these issues at the design stage.

bath design with freestanding tub inside the shower enclosure

If a luxurious bathtub is a priority for your bathroom design, choosing the right tub and carefully planning how you position it will do wonders for your bathroom remodel and your lifestyle! Check out our gallery of bath designs and talk to our design experts at Haile. We’ll make sure you get the perfect bath design for your home including the ideal bathtub.