Top 10 Luxury Bath Design Ideas

December 23, 2021

Is a new bathroom design part of your plans for 2022? Why not go all out with a luxury bathroom that improves your home’s functionality and creates a stylish space that enhances your daily life? There are many ways to add a touch of luxury to your master bath, from an opulent color scheme to high-quality materials, and carefully planned accessories. Here are our top 10 ideas for creating a luxury bathroom design.

1. Declutter and Customize Storage

bath design with large vanity

No matter how luxurious your bathroom design style is, you won’t be able to enjoy it if it is cluttered and messy. Start by clearing out everything from your vanity cabinet, countertop, medicine cabinet, and shower storage. Get rid of anything that is out of date or broken, and then decide what you need to store in the bathroom. Extra items like spare toiletries or towels could be moved to a linen closet or utility room.

Assess what is left and determine what storage you need to keep everything organized. If you are doing this as part of a bathroom remodel, then you can work with your bath design expert to create customized storage solutions to meet all your needs. Include drawer organizers and pull-outs to store everything from hair products to make-up. Add a drawer just for styling tools with built-in electrical outlets plus a charging drawer for phones and tablets.

Enclose everything in beautiful cabinetry that evokes your chosen style. From farmhouse to industrial, and transitional to traditional, there are cabinetry options that offer the ultimate in functional elegance. Choose a wood type and finish that creates a luxe atmosphere, paired with cabinet hardware to finish off the look.

Go beyond your cabinet storage to create space for everything you need. Recessed storage niches in a shower can become a style accessory when you include an accent tile and frame it in metal edging. Floating shelves offer an opportunity to display special items or add color accents. Consider the material of your shelving too, as reclaimed wood, sleek wood, metal, and glass all change the look of your wall space.  Make sure you keep what you display simple and clean open shelves regularly to avoid them becoming an eyesore rather than an asset.

2. Invest in Beautiful Materials

bath design with white cabinetry

In a luxurious bathroom design, every inch of your space counts. Think carefully about the materials you choose for every surface, from cabinets to countertops, tile walls and floor, and plumbing fixtures. If your budget allows and this is a bathroom remodel for your forever home, go all out with top-end materials and you will see the difference!

Quality wood cabinetry with a timeless finish will set the tone for your bathroom and stand the test of time. Natural materials always look and feel more opulent so consider including marble or stone in your bathroom design. Consult with your bathroom design expert to make sure your preferred materials suit your needs. Marble is a top choice for luxurious bath design, particularly in a lighter tone that creates a bright, open space. Tile comes in a variety of materials and can be found in any size, color, or pattern to enhance your bathroom design style.

3. Create a Timeless Color Scheme

gray vanity cabinet

Color sets the tone for a bathroom design, so consider carefully how you want to transform your space with color choices. Luxury spa-style designs work well with softer shades like gray or greige, or warmer tones like brown.  You could introduce navy blue or jewel tones to create an eye-catching, sophisticated color scheme. Or go monochrome with bold black and white.  Pick a base color and accent tones, keep it simple to avoid making your space too busy, and choose accessories that capitalize on these color choices. White is a classic choice for bathroom design, and when paired with luxury fixtures and materials, can be the ultimate choice for a luxurious bathroom.

4. Include Luxe Textures

wood vanity cabinet

A truly luxurious bathroom design should be pleasing to all your senses, from the color scheme to scented candles or essential oils and the textures you include.  Consider the texture of your main design items like tile and cabinetry and choose textures that work well together and enhance your sensory environment. If you prefer smooth surfaces, bring this texture into your cabinet finish, tile, and countertop. Be careful with flooring though, as smooth polished tiles can be treacherous in a room prone to moisture.

Add bathmats, window treatments, and towels that enhance your environment. Fluffy towels and robes give you the feeling of your favorite five-star hotel. Soft bathmats can be ideal for feet fresh out of the shower or go for a wood bathmat that makes your feet feel like they’ve stepped into your favorite spa. Choose textures that you appreciate and that enhance your experience rather than the latest trends, as a luxury bathroom must be designed to bring you the greatest comfort.

5. Add Some Drama With Your Lighting

freestanding bathtub

Lighting can change the look of any room, and the bathroom is no exception. Start with assessing your natural light, including windows and skylights, as natural lighting illuminates your room during the day and brightens the mood. If you feel you don’t have enough natural light, talk to your bathroom design team to see if it is possible to enhance natural light sources with new windows.

Next, consider where you need lighting and what type of light is required. Include task lighting at your vanity but make sure it is positioned so it doesn’t create glare or shadows. A backlit mirror is an elegant addition to a bath design that is practical and provides a softer light source. Stylish light fixtures like pendants or wall sconces offer light and enhance the style of a bathroom design. Pick a metallic finish that pairs with your other fixtures and accessories or add light fixtures will stunning glass or fabric shades. Chandeliers bring glamor to a bathroom design and create a stylish focal point.

Consider how to light areas like your shower and tub, or any other spaces you want to highlight. Install a dimmer switch to control light levels, or better yet smart lighting controls to be sure you can set the mood for your bathroom lighting anytime you want.

6. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

bath design with tile framed mirror

Mirrors are essential in a busy bathroom design but also serve to enhance your style. Even a plain mirror will reflect light and design features, plus make your space feel larger. Add a beveled edge or a custom frame and your mirror becomes a design accessory itself. You could frame it in wood to match your cabinetry or in metal to accent plumbing fixtures and hardware. Or give your bathroom mirror a wow factor with a one-of-a-kind look like this mosaic tile framed mirror that matches the shower tile.

7. Choose a Focal Point

shower and freestanding tub

There are many features in a luxury bathroom design, but it helps to focus on one that becomes the star of the show when creating your ideal bathroom. If you love to soak in the tub, consider installing a freestanding tub that is a piece of architectural beauty itself or one in a unique material. Position it in a prominent space in the bathroom, like near a large window. You could even install a feature tile under the tub to give it a rug-like effect.  Similarly, if a large shower is your favorite place to retreat in your new bath design, then make it stand out with a feature tile wall, multiple showerheads, and a built-in shower bench.

8. Pay Attention to Details

white tiled shower

Every detail matters when planning a luxurious bathroom remodel, so be sure to consider every inch of your space to get the look and feel you want. Once you’ve selected the big items like cabinetry and a tub, finish it off with details that elevate your style. Choose hardware and plumbing fixtures that bring a touch of opulence to your space. Black matte looks stunning against white or gray, while gold and brass beautifully accent blue or green cabinetry, or an all-white tile shower like this bath design, for a truly luxurious feel. Or stick to a sleek style with classic chrome fixtures that enhance any color scheme.

Place candles near your bathtub on a recessed shelf or a standalone piece of furniture like a repurposed cocktail table. If your bath design is large, consider including a cushioned chair where you can relax while getting ready for a night out. Keep items to a minimum on the countertop and arrange them in stylish containers or sitting together on a mirrored tray. Let your accessories and design details provide the finishing touches to a truly luxurious design.

9. Enhance Your Experience with Technology

Technology has increasingly found its way into every room in the home, even the bathroom! Smart toilets include self-cleaning features as well as carbon air extractors and noise-concealing options. Some toilets also incorporate water sprays and air dryers, plus automatic seats that heat to a preferred temperature. Speakers can be incorporated throughout a bathroom design to make sure you can listen to your favorite tunes. Voice-activated controls for showering let you change the temperature and water flow more easily. Smart LED mirrors mean you can view the weather or news updates, or even watch TV while getting ready. If staying tuned in is your idea of luxury, then create your ultimate bath design with smart technology.

10. Warm Up Your Space

radiator towel warmer and hooks

Nothing says luxury in a bathroom more than heated floors and warm towels. Adding these features does not radically change the look of your bathroom design but it certainly enhances your experience! Underfloor heating transforms cold tile floors into a soothing experience for your feet. It also enhances your room’s overall heat by warming the room from the ground up.  Include radiator towel warmers conveniently located near your shower or tub so you will always have a toasty warm towel when you step out.  These towel warmers come in a wide array of styles and finishes to blend with your fixtures and accessories or stand out as a unique design feature.

Are you ready to reimagine your master bathroom design? If this is the home you plan to stay in long term, consider going all out to create a luxury bathroom that will enhance your home’s décor and your lifestyle. Our Gainesville, FL showroom has everything you need to create your ideal master bath.