Top 6 Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

February 26, 2020

Kitchen cabinets are the central element of kitchen design. If they’re the wrong style for the room, then nothing works. Spend time reviewing the options with your kitchen design expert, and make sure you look at samples of cabinet door styles, wood types, and different finishes.  Our Gainesville, Florida showroom is packed with inspiration and our kitchen remodeling experts are highly knowledgeable on a wide range of kitchen cabinet options.

Get your style right to set the tone for your kitchen design but remember there’s no point having beautiful cabinet doors if there’s dysfunctional storage behind them. Customized storage solutions are an essential component to keep your kitchen calm and clutter-free. The goal of your kitchen cabinet storage is to make sure every item is organized, visible, and easily accessible.

Read on to see how to effortlessly store everything from the smallest utensil to the heaviest food mixer, and watch your countertops get decluttered as your kitchen cabinets get organized.


Each family has different storage requirements. Think about what you must store, and a kitchen design expert can help you plan the perfect storage solutions tailored to your needs.

Custom storage takes every inch of your cabinetry into account and determines whether shallow or deep drawers would be more effective, where to include adjustable shelving, pull-outs, rollouts, or an appliance lift.  If you carefully plan everything at the design stage, then you make the most of your cabinet space.

kitchen design with white kitchen cabinets


Get into the habit of putting things in dedicated containers when unpacking groceries. Spices last longer in airtight containers in pull-down or pull-out spice racks in a cabinet or in a customized spice drawer. Oils should be stored in glass bottles in a dedicated cabinet along with other cooking essentials. An ideal solution for this is a narrow pull-out for oils and cooking utensils next to your cooking area. If you are switching items into your own storage containers, make sure everything is labeled with their contents and expiry date. It’s tempting to display glass containers on open shelving, but your food items will last longer kept away from light and heat.



Don’t let your drawers become dangerously full of knives and other utensils. Line slippery bases with cork tiles and look at drawer dividers, peg systems, and slots as some of the ways you can organize a mess of silverware. Consider integrating a knife block in a drawer or include a pop-up knife block in your countertop near the cooking area. Create a separate area for cooking utensils, with your main silverware drawer ideally located near the dishwasher along with everyday dishes and glassware (less distance to travel when unloading!).



Pull-out shelving, rollouts, and swing-out storage accessories bring the contents of the cabinet out to you, so you don’t have to take everything out to access items in the back. Magic corner swing-out shelves ensure you can easily access items in a tricky corner cabinet. Pull-out shelving is ideal for a pantry cabinet, allowing you to organize every can and jar and find the items you need.  If you enjoy baking, include a mixer lift shelf that stores your mixer and lifts it to counter height without you having to strain your back. Deep drawers are another ideal solution to store heavy items like pots and pans in your base cabinets.

large kitchen design


A well-functioning pantry is invaluable to any organized kitchen design. If space allows for a walk-in pantry you will not regret incorporating it into your kitchen remodel, but wall cabinets properly configured for a pantry also provide everything you need. Plan what type of storage you require, and you can store all your essential food items plus seasonal cookware, gadgets, and small appliances. Include a combination of pullouts, deep drawers, and a vertical divider for baking trays if possible. In a walk-in pantry you could even include countertop workspace with room for food preparation or to use some small appliances. The more things you can store in your pantry, the less clutter you’ll have in your kitchen.

walk in pantry cabinet


When designing your kitchen cabinets, include space for an appliance garage or other pull-out cabinet storage for small appliances that would normally sit on your countertop. You may decide to keep some items that you use daily on the countertop, perhaps in a designated beverage center. Other appliances like toasters, smoothie makers, and coffee machines that are not required every day can all be housed in these garages, with a simple pull-down, sliding or hinged door to close neatly over them. Store everything you need for making food or drinks in these appliances in an adjacent cabinet, concealing all for a streamlined appearance.

kitchen design with white countertops

Cabinetry sets the style and tone of your kitchen design and provides essential storage, helping you to reclaim valuable counter space and maintain a clutter-free kitchen. Check out our kitchen design gallery for a host of stunning cabinet ideas and talk to our design experts today about custom storage in your kitchen remodel.