Top Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

March 4, 2021

When you are investing in a new kitchen design, it pays to get the best materials and design features you can afford, especially when you are investing in your forever home. The kitchen design is central to the home as it is the focus of family life. From cooking meals to baking with the kids, family dinners to entertaining friends, everyone gathers in the kitchen. And why not, since all the best smells come from the kitchen and it’s the place to go for snacks and drinks!

kitchen design with large island

In a well-organized, multi-functional kitchen design you could find anything from food prep to homework happening, so it makes sense to invest in a layout and quality that will serve your family for years to come. In an open plan kitchen design, the style and materials you choose are even more important, since they must fluidly integrate with adjacent living areas.

The good news is there are so many ways to achieve a luxury kitchen design that complements your home style while also getting the functionality and durability you need from a hard-working kitchen remodel. From islands with multi-functional sinks to smart appliances to custom storage, let’s explore luxury kitchen design ideas that will take you from your morning coffee to Friday night cocktails with friends.

Go Big With Your Island

The kitchen island is a must-have in any kitchen design, as long as you have the space available to accommodate one. There are kitchen islands in varying sizes and shapes, so it is possible to find the right one for most kitchens.  Just make sure you don’t overpower your kitchen layout with an island that is too big for your space.

In a large kitchen remodel, go for it and choose an island that enhances both the style and functionality of your space. Work with your kitchen design expert to determine what you plan to use your island for and find one to suit your needs. Do you plan to cook or prepare food at your island? How much seating do you want to accommodate? Do you expect to work or study at the island? How often do you entertain? These questions will help you determine just how large your island should be and what to include.

kitchen design with two islands

Some people prefer to have their sink in the island so they can prepare food while watching the kids. Others like having a cooktop in the island so they can whip up specialty dishes while chatting to guests. In a very large kitchen design, you could include two islands, with one designated for workspace and the other solely used for entertaining and dining. Or include a T-shaped or L-shaped island where one end is a dining table adjacent to the work area.

As a focal point at the center of your kitchen design, the island is a prime opportunity to create a strong style statement. Give your island a touch of luxury with high-quality wood cabinetry, perhaps in a contrasting color to your perimeter cabinets.  For a really opulent look go for dark blue or black cabinets for your island with gold cabinet hardware. A stunning countertop in a natural material like marble or granite will always enhance your style and add to the value of your home. Or choose a durable quartz countertop but extend it to a single or double waterfall edge that elegantly sweeps down to the floor.

kitchen island with waterfall countertop

Next Level Sinks

Today’s sinks bring more to your kitchen design than a place to rinse vegetables or wash pots and pans. Large sinks in stunning materials combine with smart faucets and accessories to create an all-in-one work zone that takes your style and functionality to the next level. Stainless sinks are still a top choice, but if you want a sink that does the job and creates a style statement look for black granite, quartz, copper, or a range of alternative materials.

Hygiene is at the forefront of everyone’s minds these days and nowhere is that more important than in your kitchen design. Smart faucets come to the rescue with touchless, motion-control, hands-free, voice-activated, or touch-tap options that allow you to wash hands easily, whether you have just come from the grocery store or were handling raw meat.

kitchen design with large sink and Galley Workstation

For the ultimate kitchen sink makeover, add the Galley Ideal Kitchen Workstation to your design. It turns your average sink into a multi-functional, stylish kitchen work zone that transforms the way you live and work in your kitchen design. The Galley offers everything you need all in one location and, combined with the Signature Accessory package, takes you from food prep to cooking to entertaining and clean up with ease.  Learn more about the Galley here or ask us about it when you visit our Gainesville, FL showroom!

Pro Appliances That Do It All

Today’s kitchens may serve many purposes, but food is still the heart and soul of a kitchen design.  Appliances are your tools for everything from storing to preparing food, cooking, and clean up.  If you love to cook and entertain and are creating your dream kitchen design, consider taking your appliance choices to the next level.

kitchen design with professional oven and range

Smart refrigerators help you monitor your supply and track expiration dates, plus create your shopping list and read out recipes, all connected to your smartphone, tablet, or Alexa. Professional style ovens and ranges let you celebrate your inner pro chef and specialty ovens simplify healthy cooking options. Extra freezer space means that you have room to store all the ingredients you need and to keep leftovers. Plus, you’ll never run out of ice cream, so that’s a bonus! With the right selection of appliances, you can easily turn your luxury kitchen design into a home chef’s haven.

Add Customized Storage Accessories…

Storage is essential to an efficient kitchen, but also to allow your kitchen design style to shine through. With the right storage accessories, your countertops will never be cluttered, and you will always be able to find every food item, small appliance, and cooking tool when you need it.

kitchen design with glass front cabinets

Here are a few examples of top storage accessories for your kitchen cabinets:

  • Swing-out shelves are ideal for keeping corner cabinets from turning into a disorganized abyss.

  • Pull-outs and roll-outs help keep your food supplies, gadgets, and cooking utensils organized.

  • If you are an avid baker, a mixer lift keeps your heavy stand mixer stored away and easy to use.

  • A tray divider organizes all your baking trays and cutting boards upright so you can find what you need without having to dig through stacks of heavy trays.

  • Small items are common culprits for creating clutter so a spice rack or spice drawer, utensil storage, and space for cooking oils keep these items accessible to your cooking area but safely removed from heat.

  • Deep drawers are ideal for storing heavy items like small appliances, pots and pans, or dishware, which can be organized with a peg system.

  • Glass-front cabinets or open shelves are an ideal addition for special items you want to display or use to add a splash of color to your kitchen design.

  • Trash can and recycling pull-outs plus under-sink storage for cleaning supplies make clean-up a breeze.

…And a Walk-In Pantry

In a luxury kitchen design, you don’t want to skimp on pantry storage. Inadequate storage for food items means you are limited in what you can buy, where you can store it, and how easily you can access it. A large pantry is the answer, providing everything you need to keep all your food supplies organized.

butler’s pantry with sink and cabinet storage

Pantry storage can be incorporated into kitchen cabinets with customized accessories, but ideally, you should include a walk-in pantry or even a full butler’s pantry. A sizeable pantry allows you to incorporate storage not just for food, but also for small appliances and seasonal items. You could also add a countertop for extra workspace and a separate sink for a food prep area. This is a useful space in any kitchen design, but especially helpful if you plan to entertain guests as it offers a second kitchen space for keeping prepared food or dirty dishes out of sight.

Specialty Beverage Bar

Any kitchen design can include a small beverage bar or at least a coffee station incorporated into an out of the way section of countertop and cabinetry. A luxury kitchen remodel offers scope for a large, fully outfitted beverage bar, or even a specialized bar. This can be in the kitchen design or adjacent to it in an open-plan living area. Most importantly, your beverage bar should be away from the main cooking zone in your kitchen design, to make sure family and guests can get a cup of coffee or a cold beverage without interfering with the oven or other key work areas.

large, custom built beverage bar

What can you include in your beverage bar? The sky’s the limit once you have the physical space and budget available. From custom cabinetry either to match or contrast your main kitchen cabinets to hammered metal sinks, the beverage bar is an ideal opportunity to enhance your luxury kitchen design style. Glass front cabinets allow you to display special glassware or coffee cups, while closed storage provides ample space for all your drink supplies. An under-counter refrigerator can hold wine, beer, or other cold drinks.

Include space for your coffee maker or better yet install a built-in coffee maker to give you the full barista-style experience at home. A second dishwasher is handy to wash your glasses and other drink supplies. What else you store depends on your preferred beverages. If you love coffee and tea, then include drawers to organize your tea bags and coffee pods. If you are a bourbon aficionado, then include a glass shelf or glass-front cabinet lit up to display your collection.

Magnificent Materials

The saying you get what you pay for certainly applies to kitchen remodeling materials. There are always alternatives to help you stay on budget while still achieving your kitchen design goals. If, however, you want to transform your kitchen into a style icon and you have the budget available to achieve your dream kitchen design, go for the best materials you can afford.

kitchen island with wood countertop section

Custom wood cabinetry paired with granite, marble, or quartz countertops and a tile or slab backsplash will give your kitchen that luxury style you always wanted. Add elements of natural wood in a section of wood countertop or open shelving. Nothing beats hardwood flooring in a kitchen, but wood look tile is another option that pairs style and durability. Accessorize your stylish kitchen design with complementary cabinet hardware and light fixtures that bring stunning metallics to your space.

Create a Stir with Color

Neutral tones are always a top choice for kitchen design, with white, gray, beige, and brown featuring in today’s top kitchens. For an eye-catching style statement, bring contrast to your design with black or navy tones, or go for a pop of color like blue, turquoise, or jewel tones. These colors can be incorporated in big ways, like a section of cabinetry, or in small ways like island barstools. Tile backsplashes are another way to bring color to your design and add a beautiful contrast to neutral kitchen cabinets. You can also accessorize in a favorite shade, with small appliances, a colorful vase, or a favorite piece of artwork.

gray kitchen design with turquoise accents

If you are ready to create your dream kitchen design, why not go for full luxury with quality materials, a large island, storage for all your needs, and appliances to make life easier and cooking more enjoyable. Spend your kitchen remodeling budget on the items that transform your space into a kitchen design that will become the centerpiece of your home for family life, entertaining, and much more.

Contact us today to discuss your kitchen design requirements! Our team is ready to help with all your kitchen design and remodeling needs, from finding the perfect products to a full end-to-end design and remodeling project.