Beverage Bar Ideas

August 17, 2020

Beverage bars are an invaluable addition to any kitchen design. It makes entertaining easier, simplifies things when a friend stops by for a drink, and kick-starts your morning coffee with minimum fuss. Having a designated area to store and prepare drinks, and where guests can look after themselves, is a functional but stylish element to a kitchen remodel. This trend adds value to your home and can be scaled to fit any space. Let’s look at ideas for a beverage bar to suit your kitchen design.

What Size?

A beverage bar can be any shape or size, depending on the space available and your style. Figure out what you need and plan everything at the design stage of your kitchen remodel. Cabinets could be used to store drinks, glassware, and accessories. A countertop could have a dedicated sink with a refrigerator and dishwasher underneath just for beverage items. You could add a coffee machine with coffee-making tools and ingredients. If you want to keep it small, then designate a niche where you can prepare drinks or guests can get everything they need when you’re entertaining. It’s all about having a beverage area that doesn’t interfere with the kitchen workspace and the flow of traffic through your kitchen design.

full beverage bar

Where Should It Go?

Firstly, identify an area where your beverage bar should go. It might mean sacrificing some kitchen cabinet storage or counter space to it, but it will pay off to consolidate everything and have easy access to drink items. If your kitchen design has two islands, then you could include a beverage bar in the one furthest from the cooking area. The beverage bar could be located outside the kitchen in an adjacent space, like an attached living room or a niche in the hallway. An under-utilized space such as a mudroom or closet can be converted into a super stylish beverage bar. If you have an outdoor kitchen and entertainment space, then you may also want to install an outdoor beverage bar. Plumbing and wiring might need to be adjusted for sinks or appliances wherever you put your beverage bar. A kitchen design expert can plan all your storage requirements, making sure you include custom-built solutions for everything you need. This under-counter refrigerator in an outdoor kitchen design takes care of beverages, while the countertop can perform as a beverage bar when required.

outdoor kitchen design with beverage center

What to Include?

Once you’ve decided where your bar will go, then the fun part is deciding what you want to include. If you have the space and like to entertain, there is a wide range of features you can incorporate into your beverage station. A wine refrigerator, integrated coffee machine, sink, faucets, dishwasher, and dedicated storage for different items make a perfect wet bar. If you don’t entertain much or have space to dedicate to a permanent beverage bar, then identify a space that can be easily transformed into one when needed. Scale down essential requirements and keep them in designated storage space near your beverage area. Undercounter beverage refrigerators fit easily into a kitchen design and are always useful, so include one in your beverage area where possible.

beverage bar

Can I Have a Specialty Bar?

If your space and budget allow, then why not create a bar dedicated to your favorite drink? If you’re interested in wine, whiskey, tequila, or cocktails, it’s possible to create your bar around them. Storage can be built to accommodate glasses or to incorporate stem glass holders. Icemakers, built-in wine racks, open shelving, or glass-fronted cabinets to display your drinks collection are all excellent components of a specialty wet bar.  The bespoke wine storage below is a beautiful addition to this contemporary kitchen design.

beverage bar with wine storage

Is it Worth It Just for a Coffee Station?

If you are a coffee lover, then you already know the answer is yes and that a beverage bar should be factored into your kitchen remodel. You might only serve other drinks when entertaining, but a coffee station would be used every day and make your life easier and more enjoyable. Milk for lattes or hot chocolate can be stored in a mini-fridge. Coffee beans, syrups, and barista tools can be kept on shelving along with latte glasses and porcelain espresso cups. Kitchen cabinet doors or a pull-down cover like this Gainesville kitchen design close everything away when not in use and give this area a sleek, stylish look. Built-in coffee makers are plumbed directly into the water supply and take the hassle out of brewing great coffee.

beverage bar comparison

Check out our kitchen design gallery for more style inspiration and talk to us today to get started with planning your beverage bar. Your kitchen remodel can include all you need for entertaining and more.