Design Your Pet-Friendly Kitchen

September 29, 2020

Good kitchen design should not only look beautiful but also take all family members’ requirements into account. If pets are a key part of your family, don’t forget to include them in your kitchen remodeling plans! Your pet might not be as vocal as others about their needs, but they will appreciate you catering for them, resulting in a happier family. What can you do to accommodate a pet in a kitchen remodel without sacrificing style? Read on to learn more.


It’s important that your pet has access to food and water. A new pet especially needs to know where they can find their bowls easily. If you leave them out in the middle of the floor they’ll get knocked over, making a mess. They also cause a trip hazard, and you might drip water and spill food as you carry them over. A stylish pet feeding station solves all these problems. Your kitchen design expert can custom-build one to fit into your kitchen. You can put bowls into sliding drawers and fit storage for food and a faucet right there for easy access to water. Why not add storage for toys, balls, and leashes along with a secure compartment for medication? All your pet’s needs are catered for at one multipurpose station that blends beautifully into your renovation.

pull out drawer with pet feeding station


While we’re busy in the kitchen, pets see it as a place to relax and be near us, especially since it is a warm room that is the center of activity. It’s lovely to have them close by, but not if they are in the way and can be tripped on. Including a built-in bed in your kitchen design means your pet can be at the center of things but tucked away in their designated space. Islands, such as this Gainesville kitchen design, can accommodate a bed under the countertop, or you can position the bed in a quiet corner away from the main kitchen area but within view.

Rana estates kitchen design 1_web.jpg

You could devote an out-of-the-way kitchen cabinet to a cat bed, with a little custom-made hole carved in the door. Including these areas at the design stage means your pet’s needs will be taken into account every step of the way.


Playtime is crucial to an animal’s development and encourages bonding with family members. Set aside an area of your kitchen design for your pets to play in. Cat scratching posts save your furniture and can be as small as a strip of cardboard or a multistory scratching tree with sleeping platforms. Cats also love wall-hung rests to jump on where they can safely survey the room. Store your dog’s favorite toy where he can access it. Your walls and floors can provide fun spaces specially designed for your pets without cluttering your remodel.


When choosing the flooring for your kitchen, remember to take claws and fur into account! Go for something that’s scratch-proof and in a color that won’t make pet hair obvious. Hard surfaces like tile would need rugs on them for your pet’s comfort. There are warmer, sound-absorbent options like cork which is antimicrobial, and vinyl which can mimic many materials. Bamboo is a sustainable option that is very hard-wearing too. There are many options for flooring that will be kind to your pet and keep your kitchen on-trend.

kitchen design with tile floor

Kitchen designs should be places where the whole family feels comfortable and safe. Induction cooktops are an ideal solution to prevent cats from burning their paws. Also, put an opening in your kitchen door so your pet can come and go without distress. You might also consider including a pull-out gate or designating an adjacent room like a mudroom to keep your pet out of the kitchen when necessary. Our design experts can help you with this and so much more. Call us today to discuss a kitchen remodel that perfectly balances your pet’s needs with the latest design trends.